Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother’s Day and More

Mother’s Day and More

I started this blog post last week and today I am finishing it with some exciting news.

Mother’s Day was a special day for me. Since my husband is a pastor getting away on a Sunday is not easy, but this year David took a vacation Sunday and we headed to Pinellas County. David was invited to preach at Starkey Road Baptist Church (this is the church we met and were married at and it is also the church where David was assistant Pastor after graduating from Clearwater Christian College in 1986). He spoke on a topic that is very dear to our family’s heart, “The Spirit of Adoption”. Since this is where all of my family lives, my parents, grandmother, 2 uncles, aunt, sister and a friend came to church too. It was a wonderful day. It was so nice to see “old friends” and meet new people and share what is going on with our family. After church we spent the afternoon at my sister’s house and had a great lunch (thanks mom). It was so nice to be with family on Mother’s Day.

My children gave me a funny card and a very pretty silver necklace with a charm that says “mother” in Chinese. At least this is what they tell me it says. J My husband bought me a t-shirt that says “mommy” in Chinese on the front of it and I love it! It was a great day with David and the kids, and of course our little girl was on everyone’s mind. I couldn’t help but think of next year and next Mother’s Day and having another daughter to spend the day with. Being a wife and mother has brought so much joy to my life and I thank God for allowing me to be both.

I took Monday off of work and we went to Adventure Island (water park). I was more than excited to have a day off of work. As we floated around in the “Lazy River” I couldn’t help but think about how our lives are going to change in the coming months and though I have struggled with discouragement with the speed (or lack of) with the adoption, I felt encouraged. I realized in the big scheme of things a couple more months longer than I was thinking is still not that long, and God’s timing is perfect. If we are not able to travel by the end of this year, God knows why and He has a perfect plan not just for us, but our little girl too.

Yesterday I mailed our last two documents to the Houston Consulate to be authenticated. Once we receive these documents back in the mail they will be sent to our adoption agency and our dossier will be translated and bound and then it will finally be on its way to China. We are praying for progress to have been made on the status of our little one’s file so that we can be matched very soon. I cannot wait for her to know that she has a mommy and daddy, 2 sisters and a brother. She also has a slew of other family members who are so excited about meeting her.

Today (5-21-12)

Today is a bittersweet day. I remember 4 years ago hearing the news that Maria Sue Chapman had been killed in an accident at the Chapman’s home. I didn’t know this family personally, but my heart ached for this precious family. I watched the memorial service when it was posted online and cried and cried as I listened to different people share memories about Maria. In the years since this accident, our family has become more acquainted with the work of Show Hope and their ministry to the fatherless. I heard Mary Beth speak at a Women of Faith conference and read her book, “Choosing to See”. Our oldest daughter read the book also and it was from reading this book that God put a desire in her heart to travel to China and visit “Maria’s Big House of Hope”.  And it was our daughter’s trip to China that began to open our hearts to the idea of adopting. So today, four years after Maria Sue Chapman went to be with Jesus and the very day my family received a letter in the mail letting us know that we have been awarded an adoption grant from Show Hope, the word that comes to mind is bittersweet. I am so thankful for the work of Show Hope and for the generous grant. Thank you, Steven & Mary Beth Chapman, for allowing God to use this tragedy to help bring children to their forever families. I am so sorry for the pain you must feel missing that sweet, sweaty, naked, sticky syrup hands little girl. Thank you for your testimony, that even in your sadness you have honored the Lord in your lives. I will always remember Maria Sue and the rest of the Chapman family when we look at our own sweet girl.