Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

I has been quite some time since I blogged, but with Wednesday being the three year anniversary of the day we received Jaelynn's referral and some new things going on it seemed like a good time to catch anyone interested up.
The last time I blogged, Jaelynn was recovering from her back surgery and had started kindergarten. She has now completed first grade. She has struggled with reading and we are working hard on that this summer, but overall she is doing great in school. She has been an example to others that a wheelchair doesn't mean you can not do things, but that you may do things differently.
Jaelynn's personality is very much as it always has been. She likes to be in control of most everything from the television and what she wears to what her older (13 year old) sister is doing. During a recent field day at school, there were not many activities she could participate in, so she took control of organizing the class and telling them exactly what to do.
She is nosey! She thinks she needs to be a part of all conversations and we often have to remind her that, "we are not talking to you" and "its none of your business!" (Insert an eye roll here)😜 She is LOUD and I can usually find her by listening for her voice, so much like her father!
She loves her family and is very forgiving when we mess up. She loves when we are all home together... Just the way I like it too.
Physically, Jaelynn has been healthy. She has had her growing rods lengthened in her back about every six months. Just a month ago she had a more involved surgery for her bowel and bladder. It wasn't a surgery she had to have, but certainly one that has and will continue to be a life changer for her and for me. It has given her more independence and it means she can spend the night away from me. She is excited to stay with her cousins one day!
It seems as though almost every time Jaelynn has some type of surgery it is delayed somewhat because of some issue going on with her heart, ether a fast heart rate, irregular heartbeat, or high pulmonary pressures. Her last surgery was no exception. She was admitted the day before surgery and a physicians assistant came in to check her out and found that she had an irregular heart beat. This led to a EKG being ordered, then an echocardiogram, and then an overnight holter monitor. This caused surgery to be delayed by a couple of hours because the cardiologist had to go over the findings before allowing surgery. All of the results  came back fine except that she had some mild pulmonary hypertension, so she was cleared for surgery.
We have worked with anesthesiologists and finally found anesthesia that works well and doesn't cause delirium as she wakes up. We are thankful surgery and recovery went well.
We followed up with the cardiologist on Monday and Jaelynn had another echocardiogram. She still has the mild pulmonary hypertension and is being referred to a pulmonologist. They also found some other problem, so she is being scheduled for a specialized MRI of her heart. One possibility of what it could be is an ASD (a hole in her heart). An ASD is repairable, so that would be the best and probable case. Would you please pray for us during this period of testing and uncertainty? We kind of had an idea about her other physical problems before bringing her home, but this is a bit of a surprise (not that it would have played a role in us adopting her). Heart issues are a bit scary!
Last night at dinner we were talking about the circumstances surrounding our decision to adopt Jaelynn and we told Jaelynn about when Katie came home from her China trip in 2011 and how she asked people to pray for a special little girl named Jaelynn who was at Maria's Big House of Hope and had spina bifida. Katie asked people to pray for a family for this special girl. Isn't it fun to look back at how God answers prayers! Adoption changes lives. I know it changed mine!