Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Stuff

There have been several changes in our family, and though most are exciting, it has also been bitter sweet. 
Katie moved back to Clearwater in July because of a job opportunity and also for school. After completing a year of full time studies through her colleges online program, she is back as a second semester junior as a classroom student. She lives with my parents and commutes about twenty minutes to school. It was great having her living at home when Jaeynn came home. She was a great help and Jaelynn got to bond with the whole family. I miss her but I'm also excited as I see The Lord work in her life.
Matthew spent the summer working as a camp counselor at Camp Grace in North Carolina and he just started his fresh,an year at Clearwater Christian College. This is his second week and he seems to be enjoying it. Both Katie and Matt have a Bible professor that they really like. This professor also taught David almost 30 years ago. He has made such an impact on many students.
My Abby started middle school last week. I don't know how this is possible, it seems like just yesterday we were anticipating her arrival. She is enjoying spreading her wings and becoming more responsible and independent. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it though. Abby has taken on the role as big sister and is doing a fantastic job. Jaelynn loves playing with Abby and Abby enjoys taking care of Jaelynn.
One year ago today we received our Letter of Approval from China to adopt Jaelynn. Anyone who has adopted from China knows what a big deal this is. It is China's approval to adopt a specific child and typically from this point things start moving rather quickly. One year later Jaelynn has been part of our family for nine months and we couldn't imagine life without her. She had surgery for a tethered cord three weeks ago (spinal cord surgery) and recovery was a little bit tough, but she is doing much better now and was able to start kindergarten last week and she is loving it. Today was her last day for about six weeks because she will be having surgery for scoliosis tomorrow and on Friday. Typically scoliosis surgery is performed when children are a little older but because of the severity of her case doctors felt it should be taken care of now to protect her heart and lungs and because they were afraid if we waited they may not be able to help her later. So tomorrow they will work from her front side to make some corrections and on Friday from her back. This is quite a big surgery. I was told by a nurse anesthetist yesterday that besides cardiac surgeries this is the biggest surgery they perform at this hospital. She will be in ICU until at least Monday. Please pray for our brave girl and that her recovery will go smoothly.
Having grown children brings varying emotions. It is bittersweet to think back at how quickly time has gone by but also exciting when you see your young adult children making good decisions and living a life that seeks Christ first. My favorite job I have been entrusted with is being a wife to David and being a mommy to Katie, Matt, Abby, and Jaelynn. Those of you with little ones savor every day with your gifts, you will not regret it and they will not forget it.