Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Yes, it’s been one of those weeks. First an upsetting situation (not adoption related) happened that has had me quite upset and I have had to remind myself that ,yes, even in that situation, God is in control, God knows my heart, and most importantly God loves me. Even with other things going on our sweet little girl on the other side of the world is always on our minds. Two weeks ago we requested information about how her file was coming along. The good news is that it has finally past the “finding ad” phase, but the bad news is that it is not expected to make it to our adoption agency until at least June. It is so hard to hear and to know that there is nothing we can do to speed this part of the process up.  Or is there? Why is it we always forget the most important thing that we can do while we wait. We can pray that God will have just the right person pick up her file and get it to the place it needs to be, and if not then help us to know that this too is all part of God’s plan. I asked a question that I was not sure I wanted to hear the answer to, and that question is “Do you think we will be able to travel by the end of the year?” I was hoping to get a response like, “oh definitely you should be travelling by that time”. The real answer was “I don’t know if you’ll have her home by the end of the year”. That was so hard to read, but again I remind myself that God is in control and there is a reason that everything is taking so long. I can even think of good things (only a few J) that could come out of waiting a little longer, but if I was given a choice I would leave for China tomorrow.

 We should be receiving our I 797 approval any day and our dossier should be logged in sometime in May. Having an LID (log in date) for our dossier will definitely give us a feeling accomplishment and hopefully help when we finally receive that long awaited for referral.

Next week is a week for celebrating at our home. Our only son, Matt, will turn seventeen on April 26th and our daughter, Abby, will hit the double digits that same day. Our kids are a huge part of why we chose to adopt. We have had such a great relationship with all three of them that the idea of adding to our family was exciting.  Happy Birthday Matt & Abby, we love you both so much!
Thank you for continuing to pray for our family. I know God hears each one of them.

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