Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Month One of Forever.... part 2

So I thought I would share some fun facts about our sassy little girl, Jaelynn.
1) she speaks very good English
2) she likes her hair long and does not want to get her hair cut. (We like it long too)
3) she is a good and neat eater
4) her favorite movie is Snow White
5) she loves chocolate. I don't mean that she likes it, she goes nuts for it!
6) she sleeps in her bed in the room with her sisters
7) she picks up words from us all the time. I made the mistake of calling her a knucklehead, now she calls everyone a knucklehead! If you happen to see her and she calls you this, please don't take offense. She says this to everyone.
8) she likes to be told she is beautiful. She likes the word beautiful better than pretty. She smiles big when we tell her she is beautiful.
9) she is stubborn
10) she has perfected the "stink eye"
11) she has a sense of humor
12) she is super smart
13) she likes Spnge Bob Square Pants
14) she likes to be in charge of the remote comtrol
15) she is not afraid of our dogs
16) she loves to tell us stories. Sometimes the stories are in Chinese, and about her time MBHOH
17) she has a very good memory
She is loved immensely by her family!


  1. So, so sweet! I love that she will speak Chinese for you. Take lots of video of her speaking in case it fades! Does she say, "beauniful?!" Isaac still tells me I look "beauniful" every time I wear a dress :) I need to get that on video. Praying for you guys often and so thankful that your adjustment is going so well. Looking forward to talking soon. Love to you all!

    1. Rebekah, does Isaac still know/ remember Chinese? I want her to remember but I a, not sure what to do. We do play with google translate. When would be a good time to call you?

  2. We have never, not even once, heard Isaac speak Chinese. He knew enough English to communicate with us and would always shut down when people spoke Chinese to him--even while we were still in China. He used to understand the ladies at the Chinese restaurant we eat at {he would just nod but would not speak back to them} but now he says he doesn't understand them. Makes me kind of sad but we didn't want to push him when it made him so uncomfortable. I will be at class parties/Nathaniel's work party tomorrow and Friday but will be around over the weekend! Can't wait to talk!