Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Month One of Forever

After carrying Jaelynn around in our hearts for 14 months she was placed in our arms one month ago today. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed! Jaelynn has brought much joy and laughter to our family. She is adjusting well to her family and has taught us more than we have taught her.
I believe her adjustment with our family has gone so well because of the wonderful care she received at Maria's Big House of Hope. From the Ayi's (Nanny's), to the medical staff, to the pre school teachers, and many others that love the children there, it is very obvious that Jaelynn was loved and cared for well. This was evidenced in our conversations with Jaelynn when she told us stories about Ayi's, sang songs and shared what she learned in pre school, and by how she cares for others.
We have been sure to talk to Jaelynn about her life at MBHOH and to ask questions, so that she knows we care and are interested in her life there. She has told us stories about her Ayi's and has corrected us when we don't do something the way her Ayi's did, because after all that is the right way! It is easy to tell that she was loved and that she loved her caretakers. I am so thankful we were able to meet some of these Ayi's when we visited MBHOH. Visiting there is one of the most precious memories I have of our trip.
Jaelynn's medical care at MBHOH was nothing short of wonderful. She speaks often about the nurses that took care of her. She has told us about Mariah (a nurse at MBHOH) and how she was the one to tell Jaelynn about her forever family and give her the first package we sent her. David and I sang "Jesus Loves Me" to Jaelynn in the evenings before bed and she told us that Mariah had also sung that song to her. Thank you Mariah for not only caring for our little girl until we could come get her, but also for loving her and singing truths to her. It is quite apparent that she loves you too. When we visited MBHOH with Jaelynn we were able to meet Dr Martin and his family. Dr Martin is the doctor on staff at Maria's. He has been there for about a year and a half. I so appreciate him and his wife for their kindness to us when we visited. It is easy to tell that your whole family cares deeply for the children. We also met Jona, another sweet nurse who took care of Jaelynn and that Jaelynn speaks of frequently. We'd also like to thank whoever made the decision to let Jaelynn keep her wheelchair. It not only made it easier to get around, but it also helped Jaelynn to have something that was hers when she came to us.
We have had fun sorting through Jaelynn's pre school papers and I don't think she could have had a better pre school teacher than Rebecca McCoy. I continue to be amazed at the things Jaelynn learned in her pre school class. Her English is phenomenal and she knows all of her shapes, colors, letters, numbers and alphabet. She even knows how to sign the alphabet! But more than the things that Rebecca taught in class, I am thankful for the love she showed our little girl. Our family will be forever grateful for all you did for Jaelynn.
Other people I'd like to thank are Mikey... Jaelynn can not speak of you without smiling.
Abby Akridge, I know I have told you this already, but God used you and a blog you wrote to stir our hearts to adopt Jaelynn. You will always have a special place in this Mama's heart.
Katie McGunnigaI (Mai Ya Xin), thank you for being a good friend to our girl, she loves you!
Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman.... Thank you seems inadequate, but Thank You!
I know there are many more people and if I have left you out, I am sorry. There are so many people who have made an impact on our little girl and that warms my heart and I haven't even touched on the people who were a blessing to me throughout our adoption process. That will have to be another blog. We are very blessed!
Pray for Jaelynn, she has an appointment at Shriner's on January 16 for an evaluation. I'm praying big prayers, because we serve a Big God!

psalm 68:6 "God makes a home for the lonely"

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